Global Patient Safety Forum

The GPSF is a convening alliance with a mission to save lives, save money, and build value in the community it serves.  The Forum was expressly founded to make available important content that the collaborators want to share more broadly. This website is not intended to compete with any other initiative and will meet its objectives if collaborators and those interested in the topics share the information with their communities. There are no financial requirements of users of the site. Certain communities are private in order to protect those we serve and those who serve. Those we serve are patients and their families. Those who serve are the caregivers, administrators, researchers, educators, and staff in the healthcare industry.

Global Innovators Network

We are a global network of leaders from academia, industry, government, NGOs, philanthropy, and faith-based organizations who are collaborating on best practices in leadership of innovation. Spawned to meet the global needs of innovators in healthcare and patient safety, our work has expanded to multiple sectors with a focus on mentorship and development of great leaders. There is no specific commercial purpose of this website and no required financial relationship between the collaborators. No direct, indirect, or affiliated financial support of any type from the healthcare industry has funded this site or communities of practice served here. The information available through this website is entirely free.

Patient Safety Community of Practice

For more than a decade, TMIT Global has operated a patient safety community of practice of healthcare leaders who collaborate on the most important topics threatening patients. Launched during the national role out of The Leapfrog Group national survey that TMIT Global designed, funded, and tested. The more than 1,200 hospitals and systems who participated were taught how to improve their patient safety programs. The 5 C’s of Collaborative Innovation®was used to build the community over more than 130 sequential monthly webinars and delivery of more than 250,000 hours of continuing medical education. Click Here to access the recorded webinars.

The following article regarding Health Information Technology includes a timeline of the TMIT Global activities undertaken through collaboration between the members of the national community of practice.

Leaders of major patient safety programs co-authored the paper addressing a number of critical issues.  It addressed the evolving risks with Electronic Health Records. It provides a historical perspective regarding the patient safety subject matter topics important to the healthcare system.

The authors were quality and safety leaders of a number of leading healthcare organizations and offer a balance perspective a number of important topics.

The following safety timeline of activities that have been undertaken by our TMIT Global associated experts to develop national guidelines and R&D that led to the development of a number of innovations in the domain of patient safety.